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ANTILIGHT 20 MAY-DONE - yog_sthoth

May. 21st, 2006

05:07 pm - ANTILIGHT 20 MAY-DONE

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Thank to everyone who came yesterday,...this time we reach the main objetive that was to be open until 5:00am.
Next Antilight is in 10th of June, less than 20 days from today,it will be a Kryptorium special with MAB on Stage...
BE ALL OF YOU AWARE THAT 10TH OF JUNE WILL BE FREE ENTRY BEFORE 11:00!!!(coz kryptorium is for free and is fair with their punters)

BTW, yesterday was my first djing for ages(5 years) in the "trainee" spot 10:00 - 10:30
My SetList:
*Bauhaus, King Volcano
*Mediaval Babes, How Death Comes
*Death in June, She Said Destroy
*Joy Division, Atmosphere
*Voices of Masada, Fallen
*The Sister of Mercy, Gimme Shelter
*Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cristine
*Psycodelic Furs, Pretty in Pink

Muchas Gracias a ti flavius_m por las fotos!!

i will try to make dev tonight....