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This Tuesday 06-06-06 I call upon you all to join in glorious celebration of The (Inter)National Day Of Slayer!!!

Go now - tell everyone!

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Antilight - FREE ENTRY BEFORE 11 - Kryptorium Special!
Sat, 10th Jun 06
Location: Camden (London)
The Camden Goth industrial with a live set from MAB
Camden's superb gothic theatre venue hosts Antilight, the biggest goth industrial party in the UK.
DJs Thunder(Kryptorium)
Cavey Nik(Dead and Buried)
Andy Ravensable (Kryptorium)
Chris Damage (Strength Through Joy)
Psyche (Dreadnought)
head up the music box and there's a live set from fairy goth rockers MAB.
Tonight Kryptorium will be held with Antilight,
so there is free entry in accordance with this special night More to be announced!
only £5 Vampyre Connexion, London Vampire Meetup or with Devonshire Arms stamp Otherwise £8 Eflyers
Doors open 10pm Last  Admissions 2am
Open Till Dawn 


Thank to everyone who came yesterday,...this time we reach the main objetive that was to be open until 5:00am.
Next Antilight is in 10th of June, less than 20 days from today,it will be a Kryptorium special with MAB on Stage...
BE ALL OF YOU AWARE THAT 10TH OF JUNE WILL BE FREE ENTRY BEFORE 11:00!!!(coz kryptorium is for free and is fair with their punters)

BTW, yesterday was my first djing for ages(5 years) in the "trainee" spot 10:00 - 10:30
My SetList:
*Bauhaus, King Volcano
*Mediaval Babes, How Death Comes
*Death in June, She Said Destroy
*Joy Division, Atmosphere
*Voices of Masada, Fallen
*The Sister of Mercy, Gimme Shelter
*Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cristine
*Psycodelic Furs, Pretty in Pink

Muchas Gracias a ti flavius_m por las fotos!!

i will try to make dev tonight....